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Amber Dreams Bar Cinnamon Bun Bar Coffee Scrub Bar
Amber Dreams Bar
Our Price: $6.00
11 in stock!
Cinnamon Bun Bar
Our Price: $6.00
49 in stock!
Coffee Scrub Bar
Our Price: $6.00
45 in stock!
Our popular and versatile "Natural Balance" base can support so many wonderful colors and fragrances. Mauve and Amber colored swirls run throughout this silky smooth new arrival. It's packed with Sensual Amber type fragrance oil, a very popular ladies scent. This is one of our favorites to make and use for ourselves.

Treat yourself to the warm and spicy aroma of our Cinnamon Bun Bar. We took our popular Natural Balance all natural soap base and swirled it together with rich cinnamon bun fragrance oil. The deep brown and buff beige swirls are present throughout the entire bar so you don't have to worry about washing the swirls off of the surface.

We packed this generously sized bar with fresh ground coffee in two different ways! First we brewed up a TRIPLE(!) strength batch of French Roast Coffee to add to our all natural soap base. Then we mixed in fresh coffee grounds (for exfoliation) and then swirled them both together. And we did it all without leaving your hands smelling like a cup of Joe. That's right, unscented. Our work here is done.
Facial Exfoliant Mini Soap Bar Gift Certificate High Energy Bar
High Energy Bar
Our Price: $6.00
53 in stock!
Have we been having fun with our swirling? Yes, yes we have. We ended up with a nice firm bar that looks great and smells even better. Blue, yellow, and magenta mingle and swirl throughout the bar, not just the surface. The scent is a soft mix of floral and fruity. This one feels great on the skin thanks to Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter. Enjoy!
Lavender Patchouli Bar Lemon Twist Soap Bar Lemongrass & Calendula Soap Bar
Lavender Patchouli Bar
Our Price: $6.00
9 in stock!
Lemon Twist Soap Bar
Our Price: $6.00
By popular demand we've combined two of our best selling bars to create the Lavender Patchouli Bar. Our smooth and mild Natural Balance base features generous amounts of Pure Lavender Essential Oil and earthy, mellow Dark Patchouli Essential Oil. Our customers have really enjoyed how well these two scent compliment each other and we think you will enjoy it too.
Natural Balance Bar Oatmeal & Honey Bar Orange Cream Bar
Natural Balance Bar
Our Price: $6.00
25 in stock!
Oatmeal & Honey Bar
Our Price: $6.00
29 in stock!
Orange Cream Bar
Our Price: $6.00
20 in stock!
This is a new and improved version of our very first recipe, the "Trinity" bar. Why change a recipe that worked so well? In short, we felt that it was time to give every bar a better balance of qualities. We dropped Palm Oil (Palm plantations are replacing rain forests...not cool) and added Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Rice Bran Oil. New soap making software allowed us to perfectly tune this base to a perfect balance of hardness, lather, stability, and moisturizing. Natural Balance seemed to fit just right. It's a win-win kind of change that we can all feel good about.
Our Oatmeal & Honey Bar features fresh oatmeal and luxurious honey. This large bar has a lovely natural buff color and is topped with whole Oatmeal to exfoliate gently. We put in Benzoin Resin which gives the bars a subtle sweet scent.
Orange Cream Mini Soap Bar Patchouli & Oats Bar Patchouli Silk Bar
Patchouli & Oats Bar
Our Price: $6.00
11 in stock!
Patchouli Silk Bar
Our Price: $6.00
26 in stock!
Our Patchouli & Oat bar features two distinctly different layers of all natural soap infused with the rich scent of pure Dark Patchouli essential oil. The top layer is silky smooth while the bottom layer is bursting with oats and sea salt for an entirely different feel. A thin layer of spicy Black Pepper separates these two close neighbors but they still share the same unmistakable aroma. Peace.

Our customers requested a patchouli bar with all of the aroma but no exfoliants (like oatmeal or coffee). The Patchouli Silk Bar features our silky smooth Natural Balance base with a generous amount of Dark Patchouli Essential Oil added in. Simple and smooth, just like you wanted!

Peppermint Swirls Bar Rosemary Bar Rosemary Mint Bar
Peppermint Swirls Bar
Our Price: $6.00
28 in stock!
Rosemary Bar
Our Price: $6.00
38 in stock!
Rosemary Mint Bar
Our Price: $6.00
45 in stock!
Like a swirly mint milkshake in a bar! Pure Peppermint Essential Oil lends this lovely bar the aroma of cool fresh mint. Mint green and cream colored swirls run through the entire bar, not just the surface. Your skin and your senses will thank you. You spoke, we listened. Our customers were asking for a bar with a clean simple base and pure Rosemary Essential Oil. We've got that one handled. We paired up a generous amount of pure Rosemary Essential Oil with our new and improved "Natural Balance" base that features a Palm Oil free recipe with Shea and Cocoa Butters.
These two scents were certainly meant to be together! Pure Rosemary Essential Oil and creamy Spearmint Essential Oil compliment one another to perfection in a smooth pure Natural Balance base. Simple and clean with no artificial colors or fragrance. Enjoy!
Spearmint Bar Violet Candy Bar
Spearmint Bar
Our Price: $6.00
45 in stock!
Violet Candy Bar
Our Price: $6.00
33 in stock!
We're so glad a customer requested this scent! Our Natural Balance base holds on to plenty of the soft, creamy Spearmint Essential Oil in this delightfully smooth bar.
By special request we created a fun, swirly rendition of classic violet flavored candy. Violet fragrance oil in our Natural Balance soap base with pink and lavender colored swirls. Enjoy!